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UFO Replies [HC,EH,KH,LT,KI,DH,SM,HK] September 27, 2009

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ps. pls take note that leeteuk calls himself angle teuk here:)

ELF: who are you~ i’m ELF~who are you~?
Heechul: how can u speak in an impolite way?

ELF:Eunhyuk oppa are u watching low-class movie? heard just got stuck!
Eunhyuk: I’m watching DBSK’s wang dao wen! got unmasked?

ELF:kyunhyun oppa your eyelashes are open so naturally, oopa so handsome
Kyunhyun: I also think so, hehe, I very handsome

ELF: Uncle Teuk!!! is your age suitable to be called an uncle??!! KKKK
Angle teuk: HOW CAN I BE!!!!! I’m a oppa!!!!!!!

ELF:Oppa.. regardless anything just say something….??please please please???
Kyunhyun: something

ELF: Donghae oppa!!! really!!! getting married with an ELF??!?!?!?
Eunhyuk: I disagree to the marrage?

ELF: oppa. so refined and handsome,did you eat something special?
Kyuhyun: I ate your love for me, causing me to get drug

ELF: Flowers.Pretty.Boy.Continous.Lock.Horrors.Incident!!! you are the best!! ^0^~~~~~
Heechul: Your seeking death~

ELF: oppa?? all your fans who are my friends recieved your reply and have been boasting about it in front of me
Heechul: You should go and boast now. Dont lose out to your friends

ELF: super junior silly~ childish~charming~^0^ chindish super junior~~~
Kyunhyun: Reflection!(i think he meant same to you)

ELF: In radioshows please appear more! kyunhyun!
Kyunhyun: Hyungs dont allow me to interupt..?

ELF: Kangin must hold responsibility toward leeteuk!!
Kangin: i would hold responsibility even if you dont say it

ELF: Leeteuk is mine
Donghae: he’s mine….

ELF:teuk oppa. so poor thing. get bullied everyday.
Leeteuk: NO!! it’s kangin who get bullied!

ELF: Is cinderella HanKyung’s or Simba’s?
Heechul: Am i an item? *_*

ELF: Oppa, Marry U very Handsome~!! always 13~ Remember!?!? We love you! ELF will prepare something for you! be prepared to get touched till you cry!
Leetuek: laugh cannot?? must cry??

ELF: There is only 13 members in super junior right?
Kyuhyun: There is 14~ from leeteuk to Elf

ELF:No matter who say anything, we will protect super junior
Kangin:When did it become ELF protecting us? SUJU should protect ELF

ELF:Didnt you say it will be only 13… so irritating… so tiring…
Angel Teuk: tired of keeping that promise… sorry … i will hold on to that promise as i’m the leader.

ELF:getting worship, and having to face oppa… what did you get?
Heechul: my mum’s nagging, getting angry, electricity bills, dropping of results, but forever ELF

ELF: Complete me. Stay with me
Kangin: Are you crazy? stay with you?

ELF: Is there a time where leeteuk bully Kangin?
Kangin:Do i look like someone who would get bullied

ELF: Oppa, get hit by my love arrow!
Sungmin: i got shot already…

ELF: Oppa you are not suppose to go anywhere or change.
250: toilet too?
(ps i gt no idea wad is 250)

ELF:Oppa i bought a cloth shoe. bt it was in suchh a poor quality that everything is falling apart
Donghae: OMO! Where did you bought it from?we shall go together and exchange while holding hands!

ELF: Oppa. I cant sleep. the mosquito are the cause! Help me get revenge!
Donghae: Pass to me their address and name. i help you get revenge!

ELF: Because we love you so we apologise.
Donghae: Sorry because we love you more.

ELF:It’s always us touching oppa
Donghae:It’s your love and affection for us that makes you the ELFs

ELF: If my eyes arent opening for you. i might as well close them.
Leetuek: If we are performing on stage without your support, we shouldnt even perform

ELF: What do oppa eat for lunch?
Kangin: What if i said leeteuk oppa? will i get scolded?

ELF: Kangteuk is history. Euntuek is present.
Kaingin: Who are you??

ELF: Hankyung. i had a bet with my friend on the phone just now. If you dont reply. i can cant dinner.
Hankyung: i’m replying. dont neglate yourself.

ELF:Calling for Hankyung.Calling for Hangkyung. Your body shape so good. what did you do?
Hangkyung: Ask my mom.

ELF: hi Hankyung. I like you and i think you are a great person. jiayou! i will continue to support you.You must be careful. the acting career is very dangerous.
Hankyung: i just need to be myself. no metter what they do i’m still myself

ELF:Hangkyung, why did u reply the others except mine? i hate you. roll on the floor.
Hangkyung: get up. the floor is dirty. listen to me!

ELF: God. why did you play such a pank on us? ir u dont reply me i will roll on the floor.
Hangkyung:Get up.. So dirty… Why is everyone playing on the floor today.

ELF: Hangkyung Oppa. i dreamt of you many time already. i cant wait for your to appear in my dream naked.
Hankyung: Such a bad habit…

ELF: Is there such thing called love?
Leeteuk: Then what are we made of?

ELF: marry me
Kyuhyun: you must get permission from sungmin oppa first.

ELF: Oppa. i finally got the tickets. i will be wearing heechul’s clothes. look out for me.
Angel Teuk: wearing heechul’s clothes? from where?? oppa will find youZ

ELF: I love you. all 13 members will remain forever together. must stay happy
Angel Teuk: having the elfs we will be happy. i love you… must stay happy.

ELF:Super junior has to be proud to be such great us elf hope. i love you.
Angel Teuk: Thank you.. if we dont have you we will be living for nothing.

ELF:Oppa are you really humans? Why are you so handsome?
Eunhyuk: i’m not human~i’m jewel.

ELF: wow! i got a reply! i can die without any regrets.
Heechul: is this your will??

ELF: we’ll meet in your 3rd album.
Heechul:if you dont wait for us you will be in trouble.

ELF: hankyung. you must stay healthy, i sent u enough u dont have to reply.
Hangkyung: i replied

ELF: Grandpa…. beat you…
Hangkyung: so daring

Witch: God is filled with luck. where got so slim like you guys? only handsome.
Hangkyung: New type of god.

Translated from chinese to eng by: limminhyo:)


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  1. superteuk Says:

    Ada beberapa yang pernah di update…
    Tapi kayaknya ini ada sebagian yang baru,,,
    daripada merusak credit…

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