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UFO Replies [HC,EH,KH,LT,KI,DH,SM,HK] September 27, 2009

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ps. pls take note that leeteuk calls himself angle teuk here:)

ELF: who are you~ i’m ELF~who are you~?
Heechul: how can u speak in an impolite way?

ELF:Eunhyuk oppa are u watching low-class movie? heard just got stuck!
Eunhyuk: I’m watching DBSK’s wang dao wen! got unmasked?

ELF:kyunhyun oppa your eyelashes are open so naturally, oopa so handsome
Kyunhyun: I also think so, hehe, I very handsome

ELF: Uncle Teuk!!! is your age suitable to be called an uncle??!! KKKK
Angle teuk: HOW CAN I BE!!!!! I’m a oppa!!!!!!!

ELF:Oppa.. regardless anything just say something….??please please please???
Kyunhyun: something

ELF: Donghae oppa!!! really!!! getting married with an ELF??!?!?!?
Eunhyuk: I disagree to the marrage?

ELF: oppa. so refined and handsome,did you eat something special?
Kyuhyun: I ate your love for me, causing me to get drug

ELF: Flowers.Pretty.Boy.Continous.Lock.Horrors.Incident!!! you are the best!! ^0^~~~~~
Heechul: Your seeking death~

ELF: oppa?? all your fans who are my friends recieved your reply and have been boasting about it in front of me
Heechul: You should go and boast now. Dont lose out to your friends

ELF: super junior silly~ childish~charming~^0^ chindish super junior~~~
Kyunhyun: Reflection!(i think he meant same to you)

ELF: In radioshows please appear more! kyunhyun!
Kyunhyun: Hyungs dont allow me to interupt..?

ELF: Kangin must hold responsibility toward leeteuk!!
Kangin: i would hold responsibility even if you dont say it

ELF: Leeteuk is mine
Donghae: he’s mine….

ELF:teuk oppa. so poor thing. get bullied everyday.
Leeteuk: NO!! it’s kangin who get bullied!

ELF: Is cinderella HanKyung’s or Simba’s?
Heechul: Am i an item? *_*

ELF: Oppa, Marry U very Handsome~!! always 13~ Remember!?!? We love you! ELF will prepare something for you! be prepared to get touched till you cry!
Leetuek: laugh cannot?? must cry??

ELF: There is only 13 members in super junior right?
Kyuhyun: There is 14~ from leeteuk to Elf

ELF:No matter who say anything, we will protect super junior
Kangin:When did it become ELF protecting us? SUJU should protect ELF

ELF:Didnt you say it will be only 13… so irritating… so tiring…
Angel Teuk: tired of keeping that promise… sorry … i will hold on to that promise as i’m the leader.

ELF:getting worship, and having to face oppa… what did you get?
Heechul: my mum’s nagging, getting angry, electricity bills, dropping of results, but forever ELF

ELF: Complete me. Stay with me
Kangin: Are you crazy? stay with you?

ELF: Is there a time where leeteuk bully Kangin?
Kangin:Do i look like someone who would get bullied

ELF: Oppa, get hit by my love arrow!
Sungmin: i got shot already…

ELF: Oppa you are not suppose to go anywhere or change.
250: toilet too?
(ps i gt no idea wad is 250)

ELF:Oppa i bought a cloth shoe. bt it was in suchh a poor quality that everything is falling apart
Donghae: OMO! Where did you bought it from?we shall go together and exchange while holding hands!

ELF: Oppa. I cant sleep. the mosquito are the cause! Help me get revenge!
Donghae: Pass to me their address and name. i help you get revenge!

ELF: Because we love you so we apologise.
Donghae: Sorry because we love you more.

ELF:It’s always us touching oppa
Donghae:It’s your love and affection for us that makes you the ELFs

ELF: If my eyes arent opening for you. i might as well close them.
Leetuek: If we are performing on stage without your support, we shouldnt even perform

ELF: What do oppa eat for lunch?
Kangin: What if i said leeteuk oppa? will i get scolded?

ELF: Kangteuk is history. Euntuek is present.
Kaingin: Who are you??

ELF: Hankyung. i had a bet with my friend on the phone just now. If you dont reply. i can cant dinner.
Hankyung: i’m replying. dont neglate yourself.

ELF:Calling for Hankyung.Calling for Hangkyung. Your body shape so good. what did you do?
Hangkyung: Ask my mom.

ELF: hi Hankyung. I like you and i think you are a great person. jiayou! i will continue to support you.You must be careful. the acting career is very dangerous.
Hankyung: i just need to be myself. no metter what they do i’m still myself

ELF:Hangkyung, why did u reply the others except mine? i hate you. roll on the floor.
Hangkyung: get up. the floor is dirty. listen to me!

ELF: God. why did you play such a pank on us? ir u dont reply me i will roll on the floor.
Hangkyung:Get up.. So dirty… Why is everyone playing on the floor today.

ELF: Hangkyung Oppa. i dreamt of you many time already. i cant wait for your to appear in my dream naked.
Hankyung: Such a bad habit…

ELF: Is there such thing called love?
Leeteuk: Then what are we made of?

ELF: marry me
Kyuhyun: you must get permission from sungmin oppa first.

ELF: Oppa. i finally got the tickets. i will be wearing heechul’s clothes. look out for me.
Angel Teuk: wearing heechul’s clothes? from where?? oppa will find youZ

ELF: I love you. all 13 members will remain forever together. must stay happy
Angel Teuk: having the elfs we will be happy. i love you… must stay happy.

ELF:Super junior has to be proud to be such great us elf hope. i love you.
Angel Teuk: Thank you.. if we dont have you we will be living for nothing.

ELF:Oppa are you really humans? Why are you so handsome?
Eunhyuk: i’m not human~i’m jewel.

ELF: wow! i got a reply! i can die without any regrets.
Heechul: is this your will??

ELF: we’ll meet in your 3rd album.
Heechul:if you dont wait for us you will be in trouble.

ELF: hankyung. you must stay healthy, i sent u enough u dont have to reply.
Hangkyung: i replied

ELF: Grandpa…. beat you…
Hangkyung: so daring

Witch: God is filled with luck. where got so slim like you guys? only handsome.
Hangkyung: New type of god.

Translated from chinese to eng by: limminhyo:)


Kepada Semua ELF terutama Teuk’s September 20, 2009

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Annyeong Haseyo,,,,

Makasi sebelumnya buat dukungannya dalam bentuk apapun ke blog ini…
Sebenernya sih,, q bikin blog ini buat berbagi tetang oppa qta yang paling manis tuw,,, Angel Teuk Teukie Teukie….^^
Q harap,, nggak hanya berbagi rasa,, qta juga bisa berbagi update tentang oppa…
Dalam blog ini,, q usahain ada:
1. Fanfic,,, dari siapapun asal yang masih dalam norma2 ke-ELF- an bakal q posting,,
2.Leeteuk CY,, baik yang update maupun yang nggak update tapi mengena banget,,,,(emang ada CY nya oppa yang nggak mengena???)
3. Photo sharring,, ni terserah mau berbagi foto oppa yang mana aja,,, q harap semua ELF bisa terbuka satu sama lain,,,
4. Yang nggak kalah penting adalah info tentang oppa yang lain,,, mesqpun ni blog didedikasikan buat Teuk oppa,,, sebagai ELF q ngerasa terpanggil buat ngumpulin keluh kesah dan cerita seru tentang semua member SUJU….

Nah,, tuw tadi sekilas tentang blog ini,,, q harap q ta semua bisa bekerja sama ,,,

SeCara,,, Oppa Milik Qta....

SeCara,,, Oppa Milik Qta....


Hello world!

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