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Leeteuk Eunhyuk Cyworld September 27, 2009

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Photo Entry – 2009.09.23 03:37 “..Two hands..”

..Only thinking of our happy thoughts..

..Debut..1st comer’s award..daesang..while going through the truly best of days.. this is happiness.. thank you for letting me understand the word happiness..

..I’m always sorry and..I’m always thankful..

..Our two hands clasped together..two hands ti~~ghtly clasped..I won’t let go..

..While everyone has been taking care of us..

..from now on I’ll take care of you..

..I’m sorry.. thank you..

..and I love you.. Diary Entry – 2009.09.22 화(2009.09.23 03:41)

..I am Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk ..Park Jung Soo.. Sidebar – Mood: Sad ..My everything..

..SJ..&..E.L.F. .. cr:

Jujur,, awalnya q bingug,, knapa oppa nulis cy begitu suram…

Tapi ternyata nggak hanya Leeteuk oppa… Eunhyuk juga,,,

Coba cek yang satu ini:


2009.09.22 화 06:44

미안한 것 투성이 …..
왜 자꾸 자신없어 지는걸까

i feel really sorry…
why do i keep losing confidence …..

photo entry:

어둠이 두려운게 아니라…
어둠속에 갇힌 내 모습은 아무도 볼 수 없잖아…
아무도 날 찾지 못하잖아…
아무도 날 잡아줄 수 없잖아…

i’m not afraid of the dark..

no one can see my figure that’s hidden in the dark..
no one can find me..
and no one can catch me…

source: 이혁재’s CY
translated by:superlover♫

BIsa kasih komen ga?? apa yang sebenernya terjadi/….

Kok SUJU oppa jadi stress begini?